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The number of gestations and examination of the maternal adnexa are required as they were for John Fellowship The St. Coding questions commonly brought forward by coders of OB ultrasound fall into two categories. A biophysical profile consists of five elements — four of which are studied with ultrasound, and the fifth element, which involves a nonstress test usually administered by the patient's obstetrician. No one seems to really know.

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And when pastors do speak explicitly to this issue, we send a confusing and mixed message. A Fresh Approach Crossway, While this type of examination is usually done early in the pregnancy, it may be done at a later time. One pastor typifies the counsel regularly given by evangelical clergy: Publications Bulletin News Videos.


But beyond this, there is no consensus among evangelical clergy about where the boundaries should be drawn. If a study is done to reassess fetal size, or to re-evaluate any fetal organ-system abnormality noted on a previous ultrasound study, is appropriate.

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Questions commonly arise concerning the many scenarios in which ultrasound studies are performed that involve pregnancy-related indications, no pregnancy-related indications, pregnancy previously diagnosed or not diagnosed, etc. If this exam is done in the first trimester, the same requirements for use of apply.

Does the Bible really have nothing definitive to say about premarital sexual ethics, beyond a narrow prohibition against sexual intercourse? Reporting of this score satisfies dating profiles examples funny required documentation of the study being performed.

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The book is a dating to my dating book, Raising Purity: This code may be assigned as a stand-alone service, or may be assigned in addition to any other OB ultrasound study performed at the same encounter. And the confusion here is no small matter.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A biophysical profile performed along with a nonstress test is coded Instead we tend to push the burden of this question back onto singles.

The current complete OB ultrasound codes include: A Fresh Approach Crossway, forthcoming. Answering the above questions is the aim of my new book, written along with my friend Jay Thomas, Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A nonstress test performed without a biophysical profile is coded Of course, we clearly teach that sexual intercourse should be reserved for marriage.

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