Dating a marlin 336 rifle Marlin Model 336

Dating a marlin 336 rifle

How to date a new Remlin 336 C

How do you tell what year a Marlin was made? This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat For Sale- Members only. So I am assuming that my dating a marlin 336 rifle was manufactured on June does this make sense?

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The first letter of the date code represented the month of manufacture while the second letter indicated the year. If you give us that letter we'll be able to tell you the year it was made.

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From the Marlin wiki: Glenfield by Marlin, how do ID date of Mfg? I bought this rifle in and this fits. No, create an account now.

The workings are exactly the same as any other Marlin.

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Brian in OregonApr 1, Winchester Dates of Manufacture harleypilotSep 25,in forum: Usually custom-made by a skilled gunsmith, these guns are usually fitted with either open sights such as ghost rings or express sightsa reflex sightholographic sight or a long eye-relief scope mounted on a scout rail.

RLC Jul 5, If I remember correctly, the older models did not have a safety. Jan 15, Messages: There is a much more complete information on dating a Marlin here at Marlinowners. Fitted with a hardwood stock and lower-cost sights, these rifles were frequently offered as part of a special package with an inexpensive rifle scope, sling, or other options.

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Send a private message to BarkeyVA. The Glenfield model is the same as any regular Marlin but was made for a chain store, used hard wood instead of Walnut and may have had different sights. The Marlin Model is a lever-action rifle and carbine made by Marlin Firearms.

Also, they were all.

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He said over the years he had bought guns from people when they needed money and just put them in the closet. Perhaps there is sex dating sites yahoo answers obscure marking that is near impossible to find — like markings on Waterford crystal, but I see nothing else.

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Do you already have an account? However, Remington uses 2 letter date codes on the barrel.

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The rules are posted here: The extractor was designed by Thomas R.