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Dating an unbeliever gospel coalition

There are times when I felt the urge to get back in his arms but God has been gracious to me in all those circumstances. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

God Bless you too, Angela. We courted for 2yrs and 6 months and it twas nothing but beautiful during the good times and the bad bcz we had God as our foundation. I did think much of it until I heard the Lord speak to me saying this man was to be my husband. At that time I was living with a young Christian lady. As much as it hurt at the time, I am extremely grateful that he spoke out against my sin and the road I was taking.

There I jehovah witness dating chaperone — God had already spoken but I had still not obeyed.

It was then that the non believer asked me out and altho I new in my heart dated a non believer was sorry I started comparing him to my Christian boyfriend And how than than being saved he had it all and my family would readily accepted as opposed to my Christian boyfriend.

All that took a toll on my spiritual life and during that time I met a non believer and altho I knew being friends with him could be dangerous I sucked it up and convinced myself I was dating an unbeliever gospel coalition friendly I began entertaining him chatting and all at the same time paying lil attention to my Christian boyfriend. But if her husband dies, she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord. Days later I had an email from James, the Christian man whom I had been so fond of before see aboveand had, for so long, believed I would marry.

I am so ashamed of what I have done.

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Could you ever realistically consider marrying someone who thought like that? I then began tearfully to tell them of how my dating an unbeliever gospel coalition was in serving God in mission, but I was in love with a man who did not love me and I wished to be free from that so that I could focus on my calling. I was recollecting this account with my old pastor recently and his wife emphasized that even if there was not such a happy outcome of a Christian marriage, it would have still been essential for the relationship with the non-Christian to have ended.

Please answer me honestly…I need to know.

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I called this man and made it clear there could be nothing between us and tried to explain how God had spoken. That is so true. I really thought that he was gonna be the man for me but after being together for 18 months, I felt that God is drawing back to him.

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I really believed that I loved the Lord too. I think otherwise I would have stayed at risk of falling into the same situation again.

I must say I was maybe still am!

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You should support the young lady to be in a relationship with that man, continue to pray and transform that. Think about it like this. Jesus died to save Gentiles who are non-Jews, and now gentitles transformed to christians. The group was broken up for prayer. Since our wedding we have been to church 5 times and two of those times were for funerals. Now the boot was on the other foot! Well, it all seemed such a disaster, I felt like I had messed things up for him and for myself.

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We have now been married for six! The whole situation hurt him very much. We had had a very rocky beginning to our house sharing a year before as she had been dating an unbeliever and I spoke to her at some length about this.

I would encourage you, though, to start attending a Gospel-centered church again though. I was lonely sometimes before I got married but now I am really lonely all the time. At the difficult stage you are at it is hard to see it but things will change and life does go on. Thats half of the story, on the other hand as I hvn bn wrkn on restoring my relationship with God I have become increasingly aware of th fact that in my backslidden state I lost my bestfriend the man God told me I would marry and to make matters worse I hurt him.

Am I still praying for him? Like the previous years, the teaching was fantastic and we had great Christian fellowship.

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I also hope it will encourage pastors to lovingly warn their straying sheep.