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It was usually associated with a hat model with some longevity, and thus featured the model name below the Dobbs imprint. This Derby liner example is embroidered. Once again, the address would be updated, but this time was the last time Dobbs liners would sport the addresses.

It is by no means comprehensive.

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This New Deal program, as it relates to our hatting history, involved the government convincing the industries, corporations, and businesses of America to agree to minimum wages for workers, and for our hats, price floors on items manufactured and sold. Looks to be well preserved for it's age. Addendum on Size Tags Addendum: You are so right about the Stupid Baseball Cap dating dobbs hats.

1908—1909 Union Label

This is from the trademark filing. Photos by and Courtesy of Joshua Brutzkus. Circa to circa Dobbs changed the Roundel by moving the Dobbs name and curving it along the top. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Circa-1940 to circa-1945

For a very brief few months, then, from September through JanuaryDobbs hats probably featured a union label. For men's hats, the snap is always at the front, never at the side - that is only for women's fedoras.

Dobbs also used a s variant label that is lineless. I had a lot of success with women's hats at FP except for a last few which are very high dollar.

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This decade saw some new crests featured in liner tips. There were several styles, and their usage covers decades in some instances, and not consistently.

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Post The gold Dobbs name embossment, along with the Dobbs Coach, has also lasted to the present day with the successors of HCA in Garland, Texas, though the Dobbs name is straight instead of slanted, and sports a Registered Trademark symbol after the name.

Post-War Liners Here are some liners from the s that I believe to be post-war. Cavanagh Edge Nomenclature In the earlys, Dobbs debossed the patent information for the second version of the Cavanagh Edge and called it the "Improved Cavanagh Edge.

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For this post, 1 member gave a thank you! These perhaps showed up in the lates. Again, not all hats from this time period may have had these labels.

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Also note the Guild Edge debossment. A far less-common treatment on sweatbands in the s and s has the Dobbs dating dobbs hats debossed with gold. This is a typical size tag. As before, red, blue, green, and brown were offered. Very stylish and sophisticated.

Seasons and Selection in Dobbs Hats

Photos by and Courtesy of Robert Kent. The latter address was added to liner tips, while the former was not. Size tags will be addressed in an addendum below. Don't bother with auctions, they're a waste of time.

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The above two photos by and courtesy of Robert Kent. It also has a variant of the lineless label. Tags from wicked tuna triple hook up s onward don't exhibit this issue. It may not display this or other websites correctly.