Dating mens vintage suits 5 Construction Clues for Dating Vintage Clothing

Dating mens vintage suits, wondering how to figure out whether your item is really vintage?

1. Your First Impression

Discussion in ' Suits ' started by MartinaApr 9, My guess is the s but I have no idea as to whether they are early or late 40s. Thanks so much for clarifying for future readers.

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Is gonna be back frequently to check out new posts. This is SUCH great news! Photo not currently Available - In a new tag was issued.

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How did you find a way to develop this type of wonderful audience associated with commenters to your web page? InACWA started to include a union label in all garments that were produced.

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Apr 9, 5. First available to consumers in stockings in Maynylon was not used in other clothing until after WWII. Shortly afterward, Sidney Hillman became president of the newly formed union and led it's membership for the first 30 years.

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Also, there is a thing pocket, just under the waisband, which I believe is called a watch pocket. Vinney's, the other from eBay. Checking the appearance of the tag or the brand label.

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Vintage Suit Photos -need dates Thanks for all the replies! Sometimes you dating mens vintage suits in to an Estate Sale and you almost start hyperventilating from all of the lovely treasures your seeing when you walk through the front door. Use this step in conjunction with other steps in determining whether or not something is truly vintage. These tags will stil have the copyright date of on the right hand side.

More info on suits AND old plaid pants photo Now to the biggy!!

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I have two vintage dresses, one I found at St. My guess is that it's from the s or even today, and that it was designed for a store like "Wilkes Bashford", "Louis, Boston" or "Paul Stuart". Keep reading after the jump to learn more about seven American unions and how to use their label design to help date your vintage garment!


Which I do not know how to date, because it has no relevant back markings. These suits even had button flies.

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To complate things more so, these have a watch or change pocket right where you would expect one BUT on the inside of the pants! If all else fails, use the trademark database TESS to inquire about your brand.