Dating packers fans Congratulations!

Dating packers fans

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Larry is a self-proclaimed Packers fan. She also likes to feature dedicated Packers fans, like the infamous unlucky fingernail glitter girl.

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Just in case that didn't quite sink in, let me repeat myself one more time: I knew the story about Ford almost being a Packer, but never heard about Clinton and the Packers tie. But not all his fans were upset… Check out the Tumblr account of Gloria Andrews. He chose the Packers.

Please upgrade to a modern browser: Who We Left Off the List… Now I know some of your fingers are just itching to start typing comments about who we forgot to put on this list.

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Not a Packers fan but I can easily admit they have the best fan base in the world. December 23, at 1: Such was not the case.

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January 5, at 9: Have you ever pretended to like something just to spite someone? Are you single and looking for someone who likes Ashton Kutcher movies, but also enjoys dating packers fans giant blocks of cheese on their head? You're supposed to mislead them into thinking you're someone taller, richer and better looking.

So he remained loyal to the Packers.

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Beckham sends emotional text to Watson The Giants receiver sent an inspirational text to the Texans quarterback. It is dedicated to Mr.

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Rodgers and Munn have reportedly been dating since early last year. At one point, there were rumors that Aaron Rodgers was dating Andrews.

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