Dating site data model Recommendation and graphs : an online dating use case

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A graph data model for online dating In order to show how to use graphs to write recommendation algorithms, we are going to use a fake dataset. Technologies Neo4j Titan Datastax Allegrograph. We have tried to maintain a consistent set of annotations where appropriate.

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Graph data can be complex to work with. What high-volume queries will I need to serve with my data?

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For this we will use a online dating site data model example. Start doing it too! There is no canonical schema anymore.

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In retrospect, if I ever had real traffic, this schema would not have performed. About The technology blog of Similarity.

Online dating and graphs : a love story?

We are going to see how to do recommendation with graphs. Ten years ago, if you asked me to model an online dating site with people, answers to questions, freeform essays, etc, I would have built an attractive, normalized structure like this: In fact, back in I built and launched an early version of Similarity that had a structure almost exactly like this. A few online dating web sites are already using Neo4j in production. For a general overview, see part 1.

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Since the match engine simply returns IDs, the Core must fetch Person objects for each of the 50 match results from the datastore. That is a huge difference compared to what traditional databases offer.

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The data model we have is going to help us do that. Join Date May Posts 2.

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The basic user data username, sex, age, height, location etc. The graph is centered around the people. I was hoping to get some help on designing a datamodel for a dating site.

Thus we arrive of what the Similarity schema for a user actually looks like. All the searchable fields will be regular columns in the table.

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