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Dating sites vitiligo

The spots on her face and hands made her look mystical.

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There was a girl in my Undergrad who had mild vitiligo. I know a girl who has this, though not in a severe way, and it doesn't touch her face. Sex was totally worth my spotted dick. She had a out going personality and embraced her condition as her own so it didn't distract from her over all persona at all.

All depends on her personality and looks. My mother has vitiligo: Kinda left field like I would never guess that as a break up reason ever.

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I totally agree with this. Personally it depends on the girl. And she has to be into anal.

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Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. So long as she is cute in my eyes and she has a kick-ass personality, skin doesn't matter at all. Not big, not huge, not bigger than your moms, just cool looking.

It starts out really blotchy. If she's what I dating sites vitiligo for in a girl then there wouldn't be an issue. You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit.

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Lots of Genitals, very few datings sites vitiligo. Can say yes or no all I want but until I meet a girl with vitiligo that has features that I find attractive or unattractive, then I can't say. Do not, under any circumstance, call a woman a cow.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. If it matters, I think I'm an above-average looking guy with a great personality. A girl who is normally a 7 would become and 8 with vitiligo.

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If I suddenly found myself single for some bizarre reason and I hit it off with a girl who had skin like that, sure, why the hell not. There was a girl in high school who had it and she was really pretty, but I never talked to her because she was really pretty and I was me in high school. I'll be totally honest: And by that I mean, her having vitiligo is unlikely to make her look less attractive to me.

When it comes to physical attraction, I'm all about the shape, not the color. I'm like an awkward certain. If she's comfortable in her own skin, she's already sexy to me. These were my thoughts exactly. As well as my penis. Click here and select a username!

I saw the images and thought, "That looks kind of awesome, actually. Harassing or inappropriate behavior may subject you to a warning or suspension from the website. I've only seen a severe case of vitiligo on one person, a young man n his 20s, and I still remember him as being very handsome and, to some extent like others have mentioned a bit exotic.

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I don't know why but I'm just wildly attracted to that. Would you date a girl with vitiligo? This will be a place where such boundaries are not relevant. My girlfriend told me that she didn't notice it at first until someone pointed it out casually oh, you know, the guy with the white spots.