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It may be in black and white or in colour. Your doctor may suggest more tests if the results of your fetal ultrasound are not normal.

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A small, hand-held device called a dating ultrasound vancouver will be pressed against the gel on your skin. Healthwise, Incorporated disclaims any dating ultrasound vancouver and all liability in connection with your use of this information.

A full bladder helps transmit sound waves, and it pushes the intestines out of the way of the uterus.

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British Columbia Specific Information Your health care provider may request that you have one or more fetal ultrasound scans during your pregnancy. The growing fetus will push the intestines out of the way.

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Other exams may require you to refrain from eating or drinking for up to 12 hours before your appointment. It is offered free of charge as a choice to all pregnant women in BC.

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The transducer will be put gently into your vagina. References Top of Page. Fetal ultrasound is the safest way to check for problems and get details about your fetus.

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How this information was developed to help you make better health decisions. Thanks to our partners and endorsers: The sonographer will move the instrument around the target area of your body until the desired images are produced. The scan also provides vital information required for more complicated exams or exploratory surgeries.

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You should not experience any significant discomfort during this type of exam. Ultrasound techs are trained to gather images of your fetus.

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How To Prepare You may need a full bladder for the test. Your doctor will share this information with you after the ultrasound images have been reviewed by a radiologist or perinatologist.

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Estimate the risk of a chromosome defect, such as Down syndrome. You are very overweight.

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You can lift your shirt and push down your skirt or pants. Our modern facility and patient-centered philosophy will ensure you have a positive experience at every turn. The test takes about 30 to 60 minutes. A pelvic ultrasound evaluates the urinary and reproductive organs.

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The placenta is the size expected for the stage of the pregnancy.