Dirty bomb matchmaking Splash Damage want Dirty Bomb's matchmaking to recognise the overlooked flex players

Dirty bomb matchmaking, competitive

Yeah I was super sad, I got a few friends to download the game, because yes finally we can play together! That's what I suspect aswell.

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I'll be posting a bug report the moment I see the bug form with additional details. Now i lost all the fun i had in this dirty bomb matchmaking.

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I can see that after all these months away you must have been missing all these complaining. Competitive types should take a gander at our list of top PC multiplayer games. You won't play dirty bomb matchmaking BUT the over serious gamemode.

AND it makes it harder for her to survive without a good team and smarter play. We want to get in-game social networks and clans, that's the history of the studio it's a natural thing for us.

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Post edited by Xenithos on August This move would increase the skill component of playing with AND fighting against her. Your username is how other community members will see you.

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Gonna see just how awesome this update is Only be able to switch teams if the other teams is 2 players down would increase match balance imo a lot. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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There is no MM system in casual games beyond the initial team divide in the lobby. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

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Why can't you make an option to join a CMM lobby alone without automatically starting a match and if I want to check anything, make me able to do so without leaving the CMM search? The rest I'm fine with. The more players you have in Pubs, the better chance you have for balance, like when someone leaves the match.

I am really disappointed that there are no objective-servers for EU in the serverbrowser. As they say, today's noobs are tomorrow's competition, and the more players we have enjoying the game the more we can do to improve it. Could we disable the team intro animation? The matchmaking system is fucked beyond belief self.

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I've played almost everyday for 2 years, but looks like that's coming to an end. This is a real Signature.

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Matchmaking is the future of Dirty Bomb. The direction it's going in just isn't the right direction to me.

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Her ammo giving DOES have a weakness, currently it's her only real one. Which has been awesome!

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Regions outside of the EU and North America will continue to use Quick Join until their player pools can support high quality matchmaking. Definitely felt the changes, shotgun is a little more consistent and less devastating, which I like, and Revolvers really need headshots now to take enemies down, still not sure if the revolver change was necessary.

Always full ammo unless you're firing an absolute ton of lead and her rocket launcher is a little bit more spammy Or damagey than it really probably needs. Her ammo ability does seem like a solid upgrade, but it DOES have a weakness that becomes more apparent when there are few of her.

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I would like 8 v 8 objective mode to dating discouragement back please. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Casual matchmaking is a complete overhaul.

The deagle still feels clunky to me, wasn't happy to have that on Javelin in all honesty.

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Alphonso explains that it's easy to overlook the people who have real impact on matches.