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Esea matchmaking cooldown

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If only is a MM cooldown, the name says all, MM, not community servers. Click here for our wiki! Hey so I got 33 day matchmaking cooldown cooldown what happened was that I went MM and we got put against boosters, Basically people who pay 1 or 2 hackers at most to boost them. GO because of the temp cooldown. Admins deleted my matchmaking cooldown for some reason so anyway as i was saying Everything below DMG is not even wort mentioning.

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It's the same for every rank. I don't think you're getting matched against people of the same rank.

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Even more so in CT, where this system encourages you to rush instead of actually playing defensive like it should be played. I wish I could play EU servers but my location in the middle of the US and the fact that NA internet is awful compared to other first worlders makes it so that I am unable to. Or they loose and you are left in impossible clutch, get frag or two, lose the round.

Many players there are so much better than me, and almost every match is really challenging for me.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Valve should add one more rank somewhere between DMG and eagle.

If it's anything like chess, the you're getting matched according to the average Elo. I disagree with it. Don't have an account?

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Its still much better than MM though. Link to profile plz? So I sent them a ticket already via Steam Support explaining the situation with the link to that match for overwatch to review again, and I'm pretty confident nothing will be done anyways because thats just how bad steam support is, you try to get away from hackers but you get punished for it, LOL?

Where else should they go? This is how it goes: And not everyone is playing for rank, after i reached Global like months ago i just started to play for zurich online dating. Nobody cares about your cooldown lmao.

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Discussions Rules and Guidelines. MM rank doesn't mean anything. Thanks for finding that link though.

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And the thing is, it used to be fun to play against people at your own level.