How do you hook up a sprint airave Page Not Found

How do you hook up a sprint airave

Phone was set to sprint only per tech and still did this.

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Hi Aaron, An Airave bought from Ting does not require any setup on our side. We can add to this quick list as needed, just send me a PM and I can add to or delete if necessary. Some users report a significant slowdown of the home internet connection when connected this way.

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With 3 green lights, check your mobile signal strength. Remove the GPS antenna module from the back of the Airave. Dec 2, 8, 2, Network Admin Chicago.

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Is this the reason I have error messages? For internet on your phone, if you are in range of an airave you should be able to connection to a wifi network which you should use instead of mobile data.


The Airave just improves your signal. With 3 green lights, check your mobile signal strength. I just received a Sprint Airave 2. Little concerned I may have wasted my money.

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Please keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the link!

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Check here to see if there is Airave service in your area. Before trying the External setup, wait about minutes for the Airave to get a GPS fix after initial setup.

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Jul 4, 56 0 Inside not so much. Maybe worse inside home. You are using an out of date browser. If you live in an area that doesn't have great coverage or if the building you are in interferes with your cellular signal, the Airave can help with that.

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Download our Official Android App: Devices that run on our GSM network offering will not work with the Airave. Keep up the good work, folks.

Re: Help with connecting Sprint Airave 2.5 Airvana to Cisco Valet

This device is what kept me with Sprint when it came out, because they were the only ones to have anything like it. It's worked great ever since. The antenna works best in an open area where it can easily pick up signals.

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