My son is dating a drug addict My son is on drugs – What do I do?

My son is dating a drug addict

My husband told my son that he has until today to take the test.

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And his Grandma his dads mother is offering to pay for him to go to college where his dad is. Me and my wife told him to come live with us in CA for a while to help him.

This could always backfire, ending in rift and resentment.

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Thank youu for the feedback. Does this help our pain….

#1 – Good for you for asking

My question is can we go straight to the court, ask them to help us or do we have to wait for the police to find him? I choose not to anymore! They must want better for themselves.

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I love my son, but I have cut the communication on this last arrest. I called the police and he was arrested for criminal property damage.

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So sorry that you are hurting so much over your my son is dating a drug addict. Just would like some advice. We feel this shows a lack of seriousness to get and stay sober.

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My partner was addicted to ice and i was as well but as soon as we found out i was pregnant we both gave up cold turkey and never went back, we are both a year and 9 months clean, people that think that you can never quit are naive and have never experienced it themselves. Before that he said some pretty mean things to him.

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He will have one excuse or another to excuse him from using any assistance. His mother gave him a test that showed positive for some type of amphetimines. Every promise he made, all the confessions and contrition—I accepted them all—and he violated them all. And how do we protect our other 2 sons? I think that Richie the author of this article would agree with me — kick your son out!

See, when you really want something done in life you MUST have a trigger, that will to fight.

Live a Sober Life Again - Call Now for Treatment Options.

Does your husband support you? My friend doesnt know what to do. I am so confused right now. I felt so ashamed of myself for not knowing what to do nor the ability to handle the situation. Everything else we had tried which included Doing everything in our power to help him and motivate him were not working and I am desperate to help him before things get worse and I know they can get much worse.

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That is NOT good for you.