Spencer and caleb dating Caleb Professes His Love To Spencer On 'Pretty Little Liars,' But There's A Twist

Spencer and caleb dating

In "Along Comes Mary," a heartbroken and murder-haunted Spencer tried to drown her sorrows in drinks and a make out session with a cute cop.

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Toby mentions to Spencer that Caleb spoke of seeing her in Washington, which surprises her. So I should probably wash it on gentle.

If we're analyzing footage of Spencer and Caleb getting it on, it's not a pretty thing to watch.

... First, Because Of The Friend Code:

Spencer is playing a dangerous game, hooking up with Caleb. Okay, you're smart, and you're driven.

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He tells her that he and Caleb remain good friends despite the distance and they have met up a few times over the summers to fish. Even if Caleb returns Spencer will have to decide if she'll confess to her own infidelity and although Caleb technically cheated too it's highly doubtful he'll forgive Spencer. I'm begging you, just leave! Mainly, Spencer and Caleb should never have hooked up. I can't really do this right now. Now that Caleb and Spencer are over and Hanna and Jordan are over, the path seems clear for Caleb and Hanna to find each other all over again.

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That Spencer and Caleb aren't dating? Caleb goes off to make her breakfast after she remarks how hungry working with her mom's team for the campaign has made her.

Second, Because It's So Unexpected:

Such has been the case throughout the last few months leading up to P retty Little Liar s' 6B premiere on Jan. Spencer and Caleb should never have hooked up, because clearly Spencer should be with Toby, and Caleb should be with Hanna. Secondly, Spencer must realise she is still madly in love spencer and caleb dating Toby.

Caleb came back from Rosewood and got Hanna back. But it's you I wanna be with.

2. Toby Looked So Sad When Caleb Told Him About Spencer

Later, when Caleb goes to Hanna's hotel room, he slips in Spencer's name one too many times seeing as she called him about Charlotte's death and he's staying in her barn.

Spencer lets slip that Hanna might have something against Zach. Janel5thwave Are spencer and Caleb a thing?!? Spencer mentions there is one last thing she is judging herself for and Caleb kisses her, acknowledging that he returns her sentiments and that she doesn't need to say anything else.

But in tonight's episode she finally came to terms with the fact that her relationship with Caleb was definitely spencer and caleb dating.

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I hope Spencer is smart enough to know Caleb is off limits. Yeah, bu-but we're not in high school, you know?

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So I never told you about the job and I called them the next day and told them I didn't want it. One thing led to another and in what could possibly be described as Spencer's worst decision to date, she makes out with the guy in the elevator. Thankfully Spencer stopped herself before they made it all the way up to his bedroom but the damage was already done.

Firstly, what is this shoe kick all about? Spencer and Caleb next week! He works his way up Spencer's neck when she turns around, giving in, and they begin to kiss.