You are the one chinese dating show english subtitles Хочешь заняться сексом сегодня вечером?

You are the one chinese dating show english subtitles

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The contestants, psychologists and host frequently exchange banter with each other when video clips aren't being shown. If the favourite girl is not one of the two post dating cheques canada, she will walk down the catwalk to a swing beat.

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Jiangsu Television and taped in Nanjing. Retrieved from " https: The idea of the show was brought to Jiangsu Television by veteran television producer Wang Peijie, who worked in collaboration with Columbia University-educated Xing Wenning. Retrieved 23 March The man puts to the finalists a question that he chooses from a set menu of queries.

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If You Are the One game show. If a woman has activated the "burst light", she is now invited onto the stage as a finalist. Following that, he can put to the finalists an original question of his own.

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The show sought to 'stretch the limits' of what could be discussed on Chinese television. If the man elects to take one of the finalists who had shown interest in him i.

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From that point forward, Fei Cheng Wu Rao was to curb mentions of financial wealth and sex, and a third host was added: Moreover, the original reel of the show must undergo heavy editing before airing depending on length and number of contestants present.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Januaryas a result of a Chinese judge ruling that the show's name "Fei Cheng Wu Rao" infringed another individual's copy rights who owned the same name as the show, the producers temporarily changed the name of the show to "Yuan Lai Fei Cheng Wu Rao" although the English name seems to have stayed the same.

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There have been three different male contestants who have lost the show in the beginning when the female contestants first study the male. The show is viewed internationally over the internet and satellite television. The revised version was first aired on May 13, On April 1, From January to MarchIt aired on Saturday nights at 9: During each video clip, each of the women decides whether or not he is still "date-worthy" in her opinion by keeping her light on or turning it off.